October 7, 2014

Fishing Report

It's no lie that my husband has fun.
He has had some amazing opportunities our first year in Alaska.
Part of it is his job. He probably has the best hours - only working Tuesday through Friday, plus getting off early on Friday. And his job accrues the best leave out of any job I've seen.
Another part of it is the people that he is friends with. I don't know if it's a curse or a blessing that our next door neighbor is a fishing guide on the Kenai River.
Either way, Joshua really has had such a great time hunting and fishing in Alaska.

If you talk with my husband, he would quit his job tomorrow if that meant we were to live in the middle of nowhere Alaska where he could trap in the winter and be a fishing guide in the summer. He literally gets tears in his eyes when he thinks of the possibility of becoming a fishing guide... Okay, not really, but he is passionate about it.

On this blog, you've read about his many hunts. But you've rarely read about his fishing. Well, fret no more. Here are a few of Josh's fishing experiences this summer.

^^ This is the first Rainbow Trout I had ever seen. This was when I was still in Newtok, and Joshua sent me this picture. I couldn't believe how pretty these fish were!

^^ This was Josh's first fishing experience on salt water. He did pretty well, if you ask me. Because then this happened:
^^ Fresh Alaskan fish ready for us during the cold winter months!

A popular fishing spot in Alaska is the confluence of the Russian and Kenai Rivers. This is only about 45 minutes from our house. In the summer time, when the salmon are running, it'll become what's called combat fishing, where people are lined up, shoulder to shoulder, trying to snag as many salmon as they can. It can get crazy. But this spot is really great - fishing or not. This is one of the spots where I enjoy coming with Joshua because it's just so nice to be outside. You definitely feel like your in Alaska here.

^^ The Russian River meeting the Kenai River.

One of the best things about fishing in Alaska though, besides the actually fishing, is definitely the scenery, which I hope you are getting from the pictures. Josh has definitely had some amazing views, some peaceful, colder mornings, and some vibrant sunrises during his fishing trips.

And then, this fishing trip happened. Josh took off a week or so ago to go fishing with a buddy out on Middle Kenai River. 

 ^^ His early catches of the trip ^^

He had the best time and caught the biggest "bow" of his Alaskan fishing career.
Interruption: Yes, in the Hall household we do give nicknames to fish. Rainbows are called "bows" and halibut fish are referred to as "butts". It's a thing here...
But anyways, back to this fishing trip. Like I said, Josh just had the best time. Beautiful weather, he was out with a buddy, and he caught his biggest fish. You should have seen him when he got home. He went through the whole timeline of this catch. I've never heard anyone do better noises and sounds of his fishing line getting caught and zipped as Joshua. Boy oh boy, he was on cloud nine. And what a beauty! 

^^ I mean, have you seen a happier husband?

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