Our Top Ten

Our Top Ten
... for our year in Seward

#1. Visit Seward's SeaLife Center
I have visited this place two times in three weeks. It definitely is worth it.

#2. See a bear and a whale... not necessarily together but if that were to happen, awesome.
Saw them both! but not together. Again, our parents got so lucky to see all the wildlife that they did when they were here. Which means we go lucky as well!

#3. Start meal planning each week

#4. Shoot a bear

#5. Stock our freezer full of salmon

#6. Hike Mt. Marathon
Done! This was my first mountain I climbed in Seward, and it was incredible. Here's the blog post in case you missed it!

#7. Not move away from each other

#8. Spend more time daily with the Lord

#9. Laugh everyday

#10. Do it all for the glory of God

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  1. I remember my first moose sighting like it was yesterday. So exciting!