April 12, 2014

Catching Up.

Well, sorry folks that is has seemed for-ev-er since I've last blogged.
Last week was state testing.
Because of testing, nothing was going on. Therefore, I had nothing to blog about.
The good news was that I had a lot of time to plan out the rest of the school year. YAY!
And then this week, I came down with a cold.
Because of that, all I wanted to do after school was go home and sleep. Hence why I haven't even been online lately.

Now that I'm feeling so good....
But why, you may ask??
I am in Seward!
I flew in last night and won't be leaving until Wednesday.
You got it! That means I have five days to spend some quality time with the hubs!
Is there anything better?!
P.S. - The trip is already to a great start. I have had the worst luck seeing wildlife. Who knew in Alaska?!
I mean, I have been here for nine months now, and the only animals I have seen are a bald eagle during Christmas Break and a muskox from an airplane.
I guess I should clarify - I mean living animals.
But just this morning, I saw three moose. THREE!
My trip is complete even though it just started! I told Josh I could go back to Newtok now. Just kidding!
So stay tuned for Seward posts coming soon!

But since I have been gone for awhile I figured I would catch ya'll up!

Just like in January, I was asked to be a chaperone last weekend. 
This time, it was in Bethel for an NYO meet and for high school kids.
Again, NYO stands for Native Youth Olympics.
It was fun getting to hang around the high school students. I rarely talk to the older students because I'm always in the elementary wing, so it was a good time getting to know them better.

We flew from Newtok to Bethel for a regional NYO meet.
Being a regional meet, more than just the district came - meaning bigger towns in Alaska like Nome, Dillingham, and Unalaska.
P.S. - I chuckle every time I see Unalaska, Alaska. "Not" Alaska, Alaska. Too funny!

It being bigger schools than just the villages in our district, the competition was fierce.
These students were all amazing, hence why I thought I should share this experience with you. And to brag on these students a little bit.
All of Newtok did great. It seemed like in every event, one kid from Newtok placed.
Overall, we got fifth.
I can tell the team was a little disappointed - I even thought we had done better than that - but individually, they were happy.
I got to see a lot more events than were competed in Newtok last fall. 
The events were:
>> Two Foot kick
>> One Foot Kick
>> Alaska High Kick
>> Indian Stick Pull
>> Eskimo Stick Pull
>> Kneel Jump
>> Toe Kick
>> Seal Hop

Sidenote: I took a lot more photos - a lot of cooler photos. But I didn't bring my Mac with me to Seward. I'm working with my old HP and for some reasons my photos aren't really working on here. So you get what you get. I think you can appreciate their athleticism none the less.

My sister sent me the cutest video today of my nephew James.
At least James knows where one of the Hall's live! 
He must think we are the coolest aunt and uncle ever living in an igloo and all.
My sister also claims that Josh is a much easier name to say than Emily... 
We'll just have three weeks to practice that this summer, now won't we James! 

But seriously guys, this area of Alaska, meaning Seward, is so beautiful.
Don't get me wrong. I love the tundra. It will always hold a special place in my heart.
But flying in, seeing those mountains touch the sky, it really is breathtaking.
Alaska is really a beautiful state.
Here, I'll prove it.
My principal posted this link on Facebook and I thought it was too good not to share, since most of you are from the other great state of Illinois, and don't get to experience the mountains.
The title is "32 Photos of Alaska Will Blow Your Mind and Make You Insanely Jealous".
They warned you...

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