April 18, 2014

Seward Getaway

Well, after a four-day, fine getaway to Seward, I am back on the saddle and counting down the days until I can finally return to Joshua for good.
Can you believe we only have four more weeks. Say whatttttt!

The time spent in Seward was just what I needed.
It went by way, way too fast, but it was so nice to be in the land of luxury.
Yes, by luxury I am talking about a flushing toilet and a sink that does not have a bucket underneath it. 

I flew in Friday night to Anchorage, and instead of driving home that night, we ended up staying the night in a hotel.  That drive from Anchorage to Seward is just too good to waste driving it at night. So we finally got up Saturday morning and headed home!

Joshua unfortunately had to work Saturday and Sunday. His shift right now is from 1pm - 10 pm.
So I was left to fend for my own. Those two afternoons consisted of relaxing and eating.
At the Seward house, we just got cable. So yes, in our home we now have both - internet and cable. 
You folks probably do not realize how much of a step up this is. But us, going from a house with only a DVD player, it is overwhelming.
And to be able to watch tv and surf the web on a couch - holy cow! Amazing!
Since our house isn't big enough to have a couch in front of our tv, the only way to relax is to lay down on the bed.  Sometimes you miss being a couch potato.

But honestly, that first day I was there, I'm pretty sure I was overstimulated.
Going from nothing to both internet and cable overwhelmed my brain.
I would be on the couch, changing channels on the tv, and I would think, "Hey! I wonder  what is happening on Facebook right now!" So I would put the remote down and grab the laptop. Well, after a few minutes, because we all know Facebook really isn't that interesting, I would think, "Hey! I wonder what else is on tv?! I bet I am missing something really good!" So I would grab the remote and change channels looking for that one amazing tv show.
I'm serious when I say I did this probably 10 times. And it didn't help that we also have TiVo. So I'm Facebook-ing, flipping through channels, and trying to record movies for later. So you can see after not doing this for 9 months, I was overstimulated.
Needless to say, the second night while Josh was at work, I made myself only watch one movie at a time - or I got out my book and took some time away from the electronics!

The weather in Seward Saturday and Sunday was not the best. Maybe it was a good thing Josh had to work. Monday though, it was amazing. The sun was shining, it was a good temperature, and in Seward, there wasn't that much snow! We decided to get out of the house and away from the technology and go for hike.

We hiked this trail last August. It was still as breathtaking as I remembered. It is a three mile hike to the water and back. When we got to the water, we just sat on some drift wood. It was one of the best things we did the whole trip. Sitting down with the scenic view in front of us and hearing the seagulls fly over the water, it was amazing. 

Unfortunately for you, halfway through the hike, my camera died. So I got some of us at the beginning of the hike, just not the best part.

Then Monday evening we had our bbq! Friday night when Joshua picked me up from Anchorage, I needed to go into Wal-Mart to get some hairspray. Well a can of Aussie hairspray and everything you need to grill out, including a new grill, later, Joshua walked out a happy man and I walked away thinking, "How did we just get all that when all I needed was hairspray?!" 
Anyways, since we just bought everything, I made Josh promise we would grill out asap. Our only free night we knew was Monday, since Saturday and Sunday he would be at work, and Tuesday we would already be in Anchorage since I left Wednesday morning. 
So we invited some couples over for some hamburgers, brats, or anything else they wanted to grill. We had salad, baked beans, and a really great black bean and corn salad that I found  here.
It ended up being a really great night and one that made me excited for future bbq's to come!

Tuesday arrived way too soon, and before I knew it, we were in the car headed to Anchorage again. I was so excited because Josh always agrees and we go see a movie. That was our plan for the day, until I realized Cabela's had just opened up in Anchorage. Josh went there Friday, but since it literally had it's grand opening Thursday, Josh said it was too busy to even enjoy. So of course, we had to go again.
Well, I should never think shopping in a store like that with Josh will be a quick one. I guess it has just been so long since we have been shopping together that I forgot.
Yeah, that quick stop into Cabela's took us three hours! Not to mention put a dent in our bank account. 
Remember how I mentioned I was confused how we went in for hairspray and came out with grilling necessities.
Think of that, but add hunting boots, fishing gear, and hiking clothes instead.
Trust me, we won't be stopping in Cabela's anytime soon.
Josh the whole time was saying that it was "Treat Yo Self 2014".
Whoever watches Park and Recreation will get that reference. And for those who don't, just realize that we did "treat ourselves"!

Since our Cabela's trip took a lot longer than planned, it was getting late, and I didn't want to spend the remaining hours sitting in a movie theater, silent, next to Joshua. I have a much better time laughing and talking to the man! So after much thinking, we decided not to go see a movie. He just owes me double next time!

So that was a recap of this past week. It makes me miss it and Josh so much just thinking about all the fun we had!

These photos are from Seward highway - driving from Anchorage to Seward.

These photos are from around Seward. Yes, this will be my home in a month!

 You could probably look at my past posts about Seward and find the same photos. I just wish you all could see it firsthand. Especially living out in the bush, where I can see for miles and miles, looking out the car window to these huge mountains is unbelievable. I don't think any picture can do it justice, but believe me, I am trying!

These photos are from our hike. Not that many - photographer's error. Sorry!

But the best part of the entire trip - aside from spending much needed time with my husband - was I finally saw some wildlife. I have been here what, nine months? Here meaning Alaska in general.
During that time, the only living animals I have seen are muskox from airplanes and one bald eagle during Christmas break. How is that possible?! 
Now I say living, because I have seen plenty of dead animals. Just to name a few - moose, seal, muskrat. You get the picture. The joy of marrying Josh!

So my only wish this trip was to see some wildlife. Josh knew how much I was counting on it. The weeks beforehand he would keep track of all the wildlife he saw - including moose, sea otters, etc. If there is one thing I can say about Josh is that he is the luckiest person. I mean, hello! He married me! Just kidding!
But really, he is the luckiest person I've ever met.
Me on the other hand, am not so lucky. 
That's why I just knew I would not see one animal this trip.
Boy was I wrong!
I saw four moose the five days I was there! four!
The very first morning, Saturday, we were 10 minutes out of Anchorage. I look towards Josh at a field and there were three moose chomping away! I asked yelled for Joshua to pull over so I could get better pictures, but he got all serious and told me he can't pull over. Hence why I don't have any pictures of those. Just blame him!
My fourth moose - now that was a doozy! 
Not really, it was just closer to us than the first three!
We were in a parking lot, getting ready to drive away, when I look over, and literally yards away, a moose just standing there! 
So again, I asked yelled at Josh to pull over so I could finally get out and get my picture taken with the moose. Luckily, since no one was around, Josh did just that.

My perfect moose:

And of course, I had to…
The moose could feel our connection. He looked straight at me!

The perfect trip! and only four more weeks until I am there for good!

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