May 30, 2014

{Love} Week: Our Honeymoon

For our Honeymoon, Joshua and I went to Secrets Capri Resort in Riviera Maya.
It was a great week, full of food, fun, and 24/7 room service. Is there anything better?
But seriously, that trip spoiled us. It was an all-inclusive resort. Joshua and I will never vacation anywhere that isn't. That's how great it was.
Our Honeymoon was spent relaxing by the beach and enjoying our first week as newlyweds. We decided to do an excursion, but deciding which one was the hardest decision we made the entire week! We decided to go to the Mayan Ruins. We figured we could swim with dolphins, snorkel, or kayak in caves many other places. How often do you really get the chance to go to the Ruins? It was a blast!
{The Resort}
{Our Room}

 {Us around the Resort}
^^ Our first day there! ^^

^^ Our favorite part - nighttime on the beach!

One day we rented a bed on the beach - fit for total relaxation!



^^ The best part of vacation - meeting other newlyweds!

{The Food}
There were five restaurants just in our resort. They had everything from a Hibachi grill to Italian to a buffet style grill. And since it was all-inclusive, it was all free. Here are a few of our favorites...

^^ The best desserts. ever.
^^ I mentioned 24/7 room service, right?
^^ The best sushi we've ever had.
^^ Mayan coffee.
{The Mayan Ruins}
Like I mentioned before, Joshua and I took an excursion to the Mayan Ruins - including Chichen Itza. We did the full package where we prepared our lunch - the Mayan way, visited the Planetarium, and went to the Cenote sink hole.



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