June 27, 2014

Five Tips for a Guest Post!

Hey guys! I am super excited about today!
Before Joshua and I moved to Alaska, it was my mission to research other blogs and get inspiration from other writers before I started this blog! I then stumbled upon Mar's blog: T.o. & Fro. At this time, she was still living in Alaska and it gave me so much excitement and anticipation to move up north because her posts were just amazing and the scenery was so beautiful! So when Mar offered the chance for other writers to take over her blog while she is vacationing, in Alaska, I jumped on this amazing opportunity!
Remember that time Joshua and I moved to an Alaskan Yupik Eskimo village for a year? How could we not forget it, right?! Goodness, it was the most amazing, and humbling, experience of our lives. Well for my guest post, I decided to write five tips that really helped us as we moved and lived in Newtok. But I realize not everyone does this - if they did, there would be no need for this blog, am I right?? But I feel like these tips can help anyone with any experience!
So please, go over to T.o. & Fro and check it out! Thanks so much!

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