August 11, 2014

Weekend in Eureka

Last weekend, Joshua and I, along with three other families, had the greatest time camping and four-wheeling in Eureka, Alaska.
It was a three-day weekend spent riding, viewing the amazing sites, spotting wildlife, laughing, eating, and getting to know the sweet families that invited us.

Eureka, Alaska is a tiny town, two hours from Anchorage and four hours from Seward. It's amazing we even made it there actually, because since we had to take Ms. Ava's four-wheeler, we had to drive the green truck. And you all have seen pictures. How did we make it to Eureka and back without breaking down? I have no idea. 
And I am now aware that people have come up with a nickname for our truck - "The Green Goblin". How fitting!

The drive to Eureka was beautiful. I will never get over the beautiful scenery Alaska has to offer.

 Saturday morning was day one of riding. It was packed full of beautiful scenery and so many caribou!

 The Fabian girls - Jenna, Ava, and Tenley

Just a little deep. And this starts our muddy experience...

 Pat and his four-wheeling decoration...

Lunchtime... Ava's goofiness!

What do you know... Joshua got stuck. All part of the experience!
Luckily, I could get off quickly and not get super muddy!

 Look at all the caribou!

And what's a camping trip without s'mores? If you think you know how to make s'mores, you haven't met Julie. She has a bag just for her gourmet s'more ingredients. You can choose a salted caramel s'more, a nutella/peanut butter/pretzel s'more, a mint chocolate s'more, a Reese's s'more, anything your heart desires. Can you say yum?

Melt the chocolate first! This husband's sweet tooth is in heaven!

Day two of riding we decided to go on a different trail. It was beautiful, and not to mention I saw the biggest caribou yet and finally some sheep!

 ^^ Can you see the outline of the caribou? How cool, right?

Can you see those white dots? Those are sheep! Nine of them!

Holy caribou! The biggest one I've seen yet.

^^ The group // Someone was tired ^^

Sorry for all the pictures, but how can you decide which ones to take down when they are all so beautiful! What a great three day weekend we had with the DeBoards, Fabians, and Blackburns!

Oh and like it wasn't a perfect weekend already, on the way home, this mama and calf were running in front of us. 

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