Hey guys, welcome!

This is our neck of the woods where we, the Hall's, can write and tell about our days as we live our life in The Last Frontier.

Joshua and I are college sweethearts and have now been married for one year! Throughout this year, we've made our trek up to Alaska, lived in the bush in a native Yupik Eskimo village, and have spent 5 months apart so Joshua could start his career. But now our adventure continues as we are finally together again, and we could not be happier.

Joshua and I have always been firm believers that God knew where we would go in our lives, even before we chose to come to Alaska.  We hope that we live our lives in the direction the LORD is leading us. Anything and everything we decide, we hope that we listen well enough to know that it is His will, not just ours. We may plan where we will go next, but the LORD has already been there, directing our steps.

"The mind of man plans his way, but the LORD directs his steps."
                     - Proverbs 16:9

This blog started as a way to share our experiences with our family and friends back home in Illinois. As the year went on, it became more of a way for me to document our adventures so Joshua and I can always remember this special time in our newly married life.

Our journey is just getting started so stop in and check out what
the Hall's are doing day-to-day in the big AK!
If you want to know more about Joshua and me, check us out here.


  1. Hi Emily and Joshua, I read about you in the McKendree Magazine- I'm originally from Chevak and some of my relatives live in Newtok (Usugan family). A friend gave me the magazine at church today. My brother was John Usugan, married to Cecelia, father of Michael, Sebastian, Clifford, Roberta, and others in Newtok.I left Chevak to attend boarding school and later worked in Anchorage, where I met my husband. We lived in Fairbanks before moving to the Lower 48. My husband was a federal agent (now retired), as is our son. We also have two daughters and five grandchildren scattered around the Lower 48. We enjoyed the magazine article about your family and life in Newtok, and will send copies to our kids. Best Wishes to both of you, Monica (Mona) Smith (nee Usugan).

    1. Hi Monica! I'm so glad you commented on the blog. How neat to know you have family in Newtok! We absolutely loved it there, and miss that area a lot - but the road system is nice:) Stay in touch and if you ever travel back up to Alaska, let us know! Take care!