September 22, 2014

Alaska State Fair

This post is wayyy overdue.
In my defense, I had just received my new Rebel camera and I needed to get a new disc drive to use with our Macbook Air.
But now that we have everything we need, I can now use my new (at least to me) camera that takes             ah-ma-zing photos!

The last weekend of August, we received a phone call from teachers in Newtok, saying that they were coming down for the Alaskan State Fair - all because Duck Dynasty was going to be there. I had been telling Joshua that we should go, since last year we weren't able to. But when they called us, it gave us an actual reason to go - to see people we miss!

The Friday before we went, I wrote my Friday Facts about the Alaska State Fair. 
You can read that post here.
I just knew it was going to be huge, with so much going on, with delicious smelling food stands and tasty treats that I couldn't wait to go!

It was such a good time. It was so nice to spend some time with Kevin, Brandi, Paula, Kim, and the little ones. The food was all delicious - the best being a corn on the cob stand. Oh my goodness the corn. 
(This midwestern gal thought it was the best she's had in Alaska)
 And Duck Dynasty was just so hilarious to listen to.

We listened to Aunt Kay, Uncle Phil, Alan (the beardless brother), Jep, and Uncle Si. Seriously, I was really impressed listening to them. It was a Q&A session. Of course Uncle Phil had to give his theological stand points (which were awesome) and Uncle Si just made no sense. It was really a good show. I would definitely see them again. 

^ So, of course, Duck Dynasty shirts were a must-wear!

As soon as we got in the fair, we headed straight to the Duck Dynasty show. Once that was over, we spent a little bit of time walking around and seeing what all the fair offered. We didn't spend too much time walking around. In fact, we went to only two sections of the fair - and I think they had at least five. I'm hoping next year we can make a day of it and really explore. But this year, we did the basics. Duck Dynasty, nachos, corn on the cob, and good company. Sounds good to me!

Talk about the scenic views surrounding the fair:

The fun booths they had around the fair...

Sorry about the language... but Alaska is proud to rub their size in Texas' face...

Kevin as an Alaskan State Trooper!

And the best food stand goes to...

So yummy! 
But note to self: Do not put as much pepper on your corn as you did this last time...

Even if we didn't spend as much time at the fair as I wanted, I had missed going to a fair. It had been awhile - okay just a year, but I feel like in Illinois, you can find some sort of fair almost every weekend in the summer if you wanted. And the sunset at the end... just icing on the cake.

Here's to next time, Alaska State Fair.

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  1. We never made it to a fair when we lived there, but it looks like so much fun!